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3 Tips to Maximize the Welcome Series

Jul 22, 2019 12:53:09 AM

When you’re just starting out with email automation, one of the first things that you’re going to learn about is the welcome series email. The Welcome Series is one of the most if not the biggest driver of triggered automation revenue.

Discover the Top 3 Tips for Making the Best of the Welcome Series Email

As an email marketing agency that provides advanced and effective email marketing solutions, we at QuaGrowth know just how important the welcome email series is, and we’re all for maximizing its potential.

From using pop ups to get more subscribers to utilizing coupons for conversions, we’ve got you covered. Here are 3 tips to maximize the welcome series.

Welcome Series Tip #1: Pop Ups get you more subscribers.

Pop ups get a bad rep, but they’re actually one of the most effective ways to capture those leads and increase your subscribers.

To paint a clearer picture about how effective pop ups are at capturing leads, here are some statistics that Sumo generated by studying 2 billion pop ups:

  • The top 10% of high-performing pop ups had a 9.28% conversion rate.
  • The average pop up had a 3.09% conversion rate.
  • The very best pop ups had a conversion rate as high as 50.2%!

Even if your pop up belongs to the average group with a seemingly meager 3.09% conversion rate, that would still give you 309 new signups each month if your site gets 10,000 monthly visitors.

Now to make your pop ups work harder, you have to make sure that they have compelling copy and eye-catching graphics. Context is also important; you want your pop up to show on pages with content that’s related to the copy that’s also in that particular pop up.

Welcome Series Tip #2: Timing is key.

Pop ups get people into your email list, but your welcome emails, and all your succeeding emails, get them to stay. And in welcoming your new subscriber, timing is key.

The typical welcome email series consists of three to five emails, and each of them has a specific purpose or goal.

Your first welcome email should be sent as soon as your new subscriber signs up. This could be just a confirmation email if you’re using double opt-in or your actual welcome email if you’re using single opt-in.

For the second email, you want to send it out one day after the first one. This ensures that you’re still fresh in your subscriber’s mind, but with enough of a time difference that you won’t be annoying.

For the third email, and any succeeding emails in your welcome series if any, you want to space them out two days apart, and keep your welcome series to a maximum of five emails so that you don’t bombard your subscribers with too many emails too often.

Welcome Series Tip #3: Coupons help increase conversions.

Your welcome emails aren’t just about information, they’re all about encouraging your subscribers to take action too. If by the third or so email, your new subscriber hasn’t purchased anything yet or hasn’t done the action you want them to take, it would be helpful to offer coupons or discounts as incentives to get them to click your on your CTA.

Another great thing about the welcome series is that it can be fully automated. Email automation ensures that the timing of your welcome series is on point, and it frees you from having to send welcome emails to your new subscribers manually.

Written by Jason Boehle