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A Dynamic Duo: SMS + Email Marketing

Jan 7, 2021 1:03:50 PM

90% of all text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes of being received.  

96% of Americans own a cellphone.  

What does this mean for SMS marketing? It’s a HUGE opportunity.

There are A LOT of eyes on mobile devices as people are constantly checking their phones.  

Communicating via text message has become the norm but still the possibilities of SMS marketing in eCommerce are often overlooked.  

The iPhone alone is on space to be the platform of choice for viewing Email

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS (short message service) marketing, aka text message marketing, uses short messages that are sent to your customers’ mobile device almost instantly.  

It's a great way to engage with your audience on a personal level and generate sales. 

Now don’t drop everything and rely solely on SMS, but rather integrate it into your current marketing strategy.

With SMS being short-form and a bit different from traditional marketing, there can be potential challenges alongside the benefits.  

We’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of this channel along with tips on incorporating it into your email marketing campaigns. 

Pros of SMS Marketing

1. It Requires An Opt-in

Getting those digits means they’re interested.  What’s necessary for compliance can be a positive as well.  You now have permission, but there is still caution to take.  Opting in through SMS is just as easy as opting out, so limit your frequency and use this channel for time-sensitive messages. 

2. SMS Is Personal 

SMS is already an intimate channel as it is used to connect with our closest friends and family.  This is a great opportunity to address your audience by their first names, text them “Happy Birthday”, or send an offer based on their purchase history.  Just be sure to keep it short and sweet.  

3. SMS is Lightning Fast

Sending a text message is the fastest way to deliver a message.  On top of that, most people will receive a push notification on their mobile device.  It’s almost guaranteed that your message will be read.  That being said, keep your send times in mind as no one wants to be woken up by a ding at 3am. 

Cons of SMS Marketing 

1. Messages Are Limited

160 characters are the limit.  Make your words count.  In more traditional forms of marketing,   visuals are used to get your message across without saying much, but it’s the opposite approach here.  It can be challenging to provide value with a short message so choose your words wisely. 

2. Little Room For Error

Because SMS is so short and personal, there is a small margin for error.  Send too many messages and you’ll be deemed spam.  Popping in unexpectedly is more likely to capture your buyers’ attention. To avoid burnout, be sure to manage your send times and always add value.  

Integrating SMS with Email Marketing 

These two are a dynamic duo.  Their differences in form and use create a robust combo. 

Email campaigns can be sent as a follow up pertaining to the message you sent via text.  Add in visuals and more information about your promotion or include an update that wouldn’t fit into 160 characters.

Text messages have a higher response rate than emails.  Let’s say you’re running a flash-sale and looking for a quick response.  Send the promotion via text message and save email for content that is more long form. 

Grunt Style SMS campaign


SMS can be an integral part of your marketing strategy and add value when used correctly.

By following these tactics and incorporating it with email marketing, you’re guaranteed to see a ROI.  


Written by Jason Boehle