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Compounding Local Commerce Profits with Adam Schlett

Mar 24, 2021 4:25:08 PM

Adam Schlett Safe-Reach headshot

If you’re unaware of the intricacies of the business of cannabis then we’re about to open your mind to a new industry.

Regardless of the lack of awareness the public has had in the past, business like the ones we’re discussing in this episode will prove just how applicable E-commerce is to every industry.

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Adam Schlett, Founder and CEO of Safe-Reach, speaks with great knowledge about the depth of his cannabis business and how anyone trying to grow locally can expand drastically.

In this episode, Adam and I talked in great detail about why his business is thriving and which areas to focus on to make yours act accordingly.

What You'll Learn from Adam Schlett of Safe-Reach: 

  • Where the cannabis business is heading
  • Which social media platforms are supporting or allowing this industry
  • The value of customer retention
  • E-Commerce strategies to expand a local market
  • How to recognize and use huge opportunities

Adam Schlett on establishing connections with local retailers

Episode Show Notes

  • 1:13 - Adam describes his journey upon starting Safe-Reach.
  • 4:13 - Everyday user of cannabis since 18.
  • 6:10 - Adam describes the different terminology in the cannabis/CBD space.
  • 7:49 - The legalities of cannabis - Still not there for federal legislation.
  • 9:58 - Adam describes his company Safe-Reach.
  • 14:23 - How Safe-Reach provides value to advertisers.
  • 20:42 - Two of the most important marketing channels in CBD/cannabis - Email and SMS.
  • 22:52 - Adam's tips for data capture.
  • 25:13 - Most important metrics to track - CLTV and loyalty marketing

Lightning Round

  • 25:10 - Adam's motorcycle - Triumph Thunderbird 2013.
  • 27:49 - Adam's top two KPI metrics - fill rate and dollars for publishers.
  • 28:02 - Adam describes his typical day.
  • 29:03 - What most cannabis owners do wrong.
  • 30:36 - The top cannabis marketing resources online.


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Written by Jason Boehle