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3 B2B Sales Strategies for Ultimate Success

Oct 16, 2019 6:00:00 AM

I’ll admit it, I’ve been on a Sales movie binge of late. From Glengarry Glen Ross to The Wolf of Wall Street, there’s some great flicks out there that hardcore sales professionals quote religiously.

These movies entertain, inspire, and provide nuggets of information the audience can repeat to their co-workers around the water cooler. Why the water cooler? Because coffee is for closers!

Potential customers have an endless supply of products and services at their fingertips. How is your product or service different in a red ocean of similar products and services?

Let's get into that!

Below are three B2B Sales Strategies sales professionals should hone for 2019 and beyond.

Be Social without SELLING on Social Media


Jordan of The Wolf of Wallstreet has money in hand

The social channel I’m referring to is Linkedin. Like most of us, I have a Love/Hate relationship with social media. The infinite mobile scroll feature has contributed to endless nights of insomnia while I scroll through my Linkedin feed like a zombie.

The whole idea of Linkedin is to connect with like-minded professionals to engage and educate with your existing connections. Those who use the platform like a BOSS can have great success using Linkedin as an inbound lead generation tool.

Are you an AMATEUR or a BOSS on Linkedin?

Is this you?

  • DMing a pitch, minutes or hours after connecting with a prospect
  • Linking to your website after every post
  • Asking for endorsements from people you DON’T know
  • Ignoring the select few people who do comment

I understand. It happens to the best of us. Yes, the above is how the amateur sales professional uses Linkedin.

What about a BOSS?! I’m glad you asked.

  • Posts regular, relevant content
  • Sends a PERSONALIZED Welcome message
  • Makes Introductions
  • Optimizes their Linkedin profile

All of the above deserve their own deep, detailed analysis. They’d make a good blog post one day.

Marketing & Sales Alignment


The Wolf of Wallstreet - Donnie and Jordan hugging

The battle rages on! Who’s at fault for your company’s 25% decrease in revenue in Q4? Marketing blames sales, sales blames marketing.

Marketing and Sales are both at fault due to unwillingness to work together.

How does your company get better Marketing and Sales alignment?

Start by creating your company’s ideal buyer persona. Once your ideal customer’s profile is created by leveraging Marketing research and Sales interactions both teams can have an input on the content best suited to attract the persona.


No, I’m not asking for the Head of Marketing and Sales to land a smooch on each other’s faces, though that would be a great temporary morale boost at the Christmas party.

Keep it Simple Stupid!

One of biggest complaints seems to center around the CRM. Your company invests in fancy new cloud technology, but due to lack of training, laziness, or bad habits some of the team doesn’t update the CRM.

In addition, there are different opinions on what qualifies as MQL or SQL.

Take the legwork out of tedious tasks by keeping the process simple and easy. Make technology work for vs cursing it at every opportunity.

Once Sales and Marketing agree HOW to best define a qualified lead, take the human error element out of the equation. It may take some time to build out the process, but if both teams agree to a system, each individual can be held accountable.

Account Based Selling


Jordan Belfort of Wolf of Wallstreet introducing Steve Madden


What if you built a company-wide content strategy around targeted accounts vs reactively throwing up pieces of content to verticals, niches, or inbound leads?

Account Based Selling (ABS) can’t happen without Marketing and Sales Alignment. Once there is agreement on the customer persona, the next step is agreement on targeted accounts.

Marketing can help build website and content experiences targeted to employees at targeted companies. Sales can use this data to hone-in on pain points and talk through the interests of key decision makers.

According to Hubspot, the average B2B deal requires 6.8 stake holders. That’s A LOT of opinions.

3 Steps to Implement ABS

You heard great things about ABS, but you’re struggling on how to best implement. Below are three steps to implement ABS for your company.

1. Create a Customer Profile

  • Industry
  • Revenue
  • Size
  • Budget
  • Location

2. Identify Company Roles best suited for Content

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Account Executives
  • VPs of Marketing/Sales
  • Directors
  • Support

3. Agree on MOST important Metrics to track

  • LTV
  • Pipeline Velocity
  • Engagement
  • Close Rate
  • ROI

Every business selling to other businesses is different. The above are examples of what to consider when creating your ABM strategy.

If you skipped this entire post and just read this line of text, the three most important takeaways include: Be Social, Align Marketing & Sales, and Sell to Accounts.

In other words, do those three actions to achieve ultimate selling success for 2019.

Additionally, if you need some inspiration, spend an evening watching your favorite Sales movie of choice and think about how to relates to selling for YOUR company.

Written by Jason Boehle