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Choosing An E-Commerce Email Marketing Agency: Four Things To Look For

Jul 28, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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Email marketing is a direct form of marketing that drives sales and helps ecommerce brands develop relationships with their customers. As your ecommerce business grows, it may be time to look for an email marketing agency to lead your company’s email marketing efforts. Finding an email marketing agency is easy, but finding the right one for your business can be difficult. There are several items to look out for when pursuing an email marketing agency, specifically an email marketing agency for ecommerce businesses.

In this QuaGrowth blog post, four key factors will be discussed in detail to assist you in your ecommerce email marketing agency search. When selecting an ecommerce email marketing agency, it is important to consider the personality and culture, the experience and portfolio, your company’s budget, and the tools and processes of the agency. Boost your email marketing efforts with an agency that will maintain and optimize email marketing campaigns for your business.

What is an ecommerce email marketing agency?


Ecommerce email marketing agencies help online-selling brands build, launch, and optimize email marketing campaigns. There’s no denying that email marketing is a smart investment, but ultimately, there will be no return on investment if the email strategy is not executed properly. Email marketing agencies know the most effective and up-to-date email marketing strategies to grow your business through a direct, cost-effective marketing outlet. The right email marketing agency has the know-how to grow email subscriber lists, add value to existing customers, and develop strategic flows with advanced segmentation. The processes, tools used, and email marketing strategies vary based on the agency. Email marketing agencies help acquire and retain customers to drive a positive ROI. 


What are the benefits of working with an email marketing agency?


Before we discuss what to look for in an email marketing agency, let’s point out the various benefits of working with an email marketing firm that specializes in ecommerce. Marketing in general is increasingly becoming more and more vital to the success of businesses, both large and small. With today’s competitive business environment, email marketing is essential to amplifying your ecommerce brand’s voice and improving the retention of current customers. Choosing an email marketing agency for your ecommerce business shifts the email efforts to subject matter experts. As strategies evolve and new technologies become available, it is beneficial to have an agency that can provide recommendations and solutions that an in-house marketing team may not be experienced with. Training and retaining employees can potentially be more costly as your ecommerce brand grows while an email marketing agency has the bandwidth and expertise to hit the ground running. Remember, when choosing an email marketing agency, you are choosing a company that studies and analyzes email marketing campaigns full-time. The digital era is fast-paced and ever-changing thus building a relationship with an agency can maximize the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns. The right email marketing company for your brand should be fully-knowledgeable and well-equipped to take your brand to the next level. Agencies have larger networks and work with plenty of brands that can open your company up to more perspectives and more opportunities for your ecommerce business to grow and build key relationships. Email marketing agencies tend to the strategy, design, and execution of campaigns and other automated email initiatives. It is important for ecommerce companies to select an experienced and trusted email marketing agency to drive brand awareness and sales in a direct way.


#1: Is the email marketing agency a culture fit?


This is key to a healthy and successful working relationship with an ecommerce email marketing agency: does this relationship feel right? A culture fit is important when looking to bring on an agency. It sounds quite simple, but if there are multiple parties involved, make sure to question whether or not the relationship will be comfortable and productive. How large of an agency would you like to work with? You may find it more comfortable to work with a smaller agency rather than one of the larger, more known firms. Consider the attitudes and behaviors that make up your organization. Does this email marketing agency pair nicely with your company? Get to know the email marketing company outside of what’s on their website. It’s a good idea to ask direct questions and meet face-to-face before making the decision of a working relationship with an ecommerce email marketing firm. Perhaps, you prefer a casual company over a corporate agency. As cheesy as it sounds, go with your gut. If you cannot see yourself having a conversation or grabbing coffee with this email marketing agency, it might not be right for your ecommerce company. 


#2: What does the experience and portfolio of the email marketing firm look like?


The second item to check before choosing an email marketing agency is to view their experience, portfolio, and reputation. Take a look at how you find this email marketing agency or how it found you. Were you referred by another business? Did you find them online? For example, a trusted company may give you a glowing review of an email marketing agency. This proves that the email marketing agency you are looking at has a great reputation and strong relationships. On the other hand, if your company needs special attention, like an ecommerce company, it is wise to choose an email marketing agency based on specialization. Companies may claim to be experts in ecommerce email marketing, but do not have a single case study to show for their ecommerce successes. Look at the companies they have worked with in the past. Determine the experience level of the ecommerce email marketing company’s team. If the team you will be working with has 15 years of experience and a successful track record, it might be a good indictication that that agency is well qualified to lead your email marketing campaigns. Keep in mind, an agency may be newly established, but this is not always a true measure of the level of expertise at the firm. Rather than asking when the company was established, inquire about the experience of the staff and the projection of the company in the coming months and years. Focus on the skillset of the email marketing agency’s team and take a look at where the company plans to be in the future. It is a general rule of thumb that if an agency cannot show applicable work examples, they are probably not as experienced as you would like and it is better to look elsewhere. Do not forget that portfolios are not simply work examples. A good portfolio should show proof of happy clients. Ask to view recommendations and testimonials from previous or current clients. In the end, your ecommerce company is looking for results. Reviews should not always be trusted as you know. There will be negative feedback along the way so do your diligence and check the legitimacy of the review.


#3: What is your ecommerce email marketing budget?


The third, and debatably most important, factor of choosing an ecommerce email marketing agency is the price. Most agencies do not share their pricing on their website since it is a case-by-case basis. It is known that email marketing has a high return on investment so ask the email marketing agency when your ecommerce brand should start seeing a return. As you know, good marketing takes time so see what the typical timeline is for ecommerce companies working with this agency and have begun to see results. Before engaging with an email marketing agency, consider what the entire package entails. Is the email marketing agency writing the content for email campaigns? Will the email marketing agency provide all software and tools needed? These details all add up in terms of what the overall cost will be. Think about what your ecommerce company needs and what value the email marketing team will bring to your organization. If the email marketing firm is avoiding the “price talk”, there is a chance there will be hidden costs down the line. Look for an email marketing agency that is transparent about the overall fee and what that total cost encompasses. 


#4: What tools and processes does the email marketing agency have in place?


The main goal of finding the right email marketing agency is to handover your email marketing needs to the experts in the space. This brings us to the fourth and final piece to choosing the best email marketing agency for your ecommerce brand. Every agency chooses to use different tools to reach their email marketing goals. Not only this, every email marketing agency has different processes when executing these campaigns. At Quagowth, Klaviyo and HubSpot are used to build and manage email marketing efforts for 7-figure ecommerce brands across the United States. Every agency has specific tools to create, optimize, and report on the email campaigns. Check out the tools and software that the email marketing company uses for their campaigns. The tools can range in capabilities. Perhaps, the ecommerce email marketing company commonly uses Mailchimp for email marketing, Slack for communication, and Trello for collaboration. Learn more about their processes, how they handle clients and problem solve. Not having the right tools and processes in place could directly affect the performance of email campaigns. Be sure you are selecting an agency to deliver high-quality email campaigns specific for ecommerce brands. If the email marketing agency does not have the tools in place for communication, deadlines may not be achieved and expectations will not be clear and your email marketing efforts may not reach their full potential. Ask the email marketing agency what they will need from your ecommerce organization to reach goals. Determine the responsibilities of the agency and your involvement in the email marketing efforts.




Email marketing is powerful for brands, especially ecommerce brands. With the uniqueness and nature of the ecommerce world, it is best to find an email marketing agency that specializes in ecommerce. There are plenty of email marketing agencies out there, but choosing one that can build email funnels that engage, convert, and drive business to your website is necessary to see a strong ROI for your company. There are four key factors to consider when choosing an email marketing agency that fits your company’s needs. Those four factors include culture fit, experience and company portfolio, your budget, and the tools and processes. Here’s the truth: not all email marketing agencies are created equal. There are many to choose from so it may seem like a daunting task, but considering the four items listed above, you will be able to find the right one agency for your ecommerce business. If you’re ready to pursue email marketing for your ecommerce brand, QuaGrowth is experienced in executing high-converting email campaigns for 7figure+ organizations. For additional questions about how to effectively execute email marketing for your ecommerce brand, please send a direct message to the QuaGrowth team by using the live chat feature on our website. 

Written by Jason Boehle