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Built on YouTube: Patrick Adair's 7-figure Growth with Lewis Fausett

Dec 29, 2020 5:10:00 PM


A lot of businesses think of eCommerce marketing as a combination of making their product look amazing, buying more ad space, and selling, selling, selling.

But there’s more to successful eCommerce marketing than that.

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Today, I sat down with Lewis Fausett, COO at 7-figure eCommerce brand Patrick Adair Designs, to discuss eCommerce marketing and content strategy.

What You'll Learn:

  • How he dropped out of school and became a COO.
  • His secret to great content.
  • Unique ways to factor ROAS.
  • Mistakes eCommerce businesses make when scaling.
  • The future of eCommerce.


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Episode Show Notes

  • :40 - Lewis discusses his role as CMO of Patrick Adair Designs.
  • 2:12 - How Lewis learned marketing -  Pay really good people to learn from at different points of career.
  • 3:30 - Lewis attended college for biomedical physics at the University of Utah. He met Patrick Adair to help build his website in free time. Patrick offered Lewis a % of company if he dropped out of college. 
  • 10:02 - How Patrick Adair Designs built their YouTube channel to 700k+ subscribers investing in how it's made videos.
  • 13:20 - The secret to YouTube storytelling - Create better quality production videos.
  • 16:38 - Lewis discusses the most important marketing channels for his brand.
  • 17:19 - How Content Marketing + Email allowed Patrick Adair Designs to invest more in paid media.
  • 20:48 - Lewis discusses the importance of using blended return on ad spend.
  • 23:04- Lewis strives to get above a 1X on Facebook prospecting, 4X on Facebook re-marketing, and 2x on Google to get a 20 - 30% profit margin.
  • 27:19 - How personalizing the emails helps brand storytelling and engagement for Patrick Adair Designs.
  • 30:38 - Lewis writes the emails in Patrick's voice.
  • 31:40 - The advice Lewis would give to other eCommerce business owners - Focus on the long play of content strategy and hyper optimize.
  • 37:29 - The importance of capturing Emails on the first touchpoint once product targeting on Facebook hits a ceiling.
  • 39:08 - How the Facebook Group Lewis built drives an additional 100k a year in revenue for Patrick Adair Designs.

Lightning Round

  • 41:35 - What do most business owners do wrong? They fail to understand their cash conversion cycle and LTV.
  • 42:18 - The top two mistakes Lewis see's other business owners make - Not investing intelligently on staffing and creating systems for scaling.
  • 42:39 - The future of eCommerce - Dominated by large marketplace brands.
  • 43:40 - Top 4 tips for eCommerce business owners in 2021 - Focus on content, create sustainable community, do more of what works, and get good at studying numbers.


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Written by Jason Boehle