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How Ecommerce Paid Acquisition is Changing in 2021 with Art Villalobos

Dec 17, 2020 8:34:55 PM

Art Villalobos of Salvo Media

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People aren’t going to retail stores as much as they used to.

That’s been true for a while, but it’s especially true during a global pandemic. 

Because of that, the e-commerce space is growing.  How will it continue to change, and what does that mean for your advertising, sales, and creative?  

In this episode, I sat down with Arturo Villalobos, Founder of Salvo Media, a full service digital marketing agency, for his insight into maximizing content and producing creative that drives sales.

What You'll Learn from Art Villalobos of Salvo Media:

  • Common mistakes that eCommerce brands make.
  • How paid acquisition and eCommerce have changed during the pandemic.
  • Expectations for e-commerce for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • The future of advertising in 2021.
  • The paid acquisition channels to pay attention to this year

Art Villalobos on Black Friday during a pandemic

Episode Show Notes

  • 0:37 - Art discusses his background on Facebook paid media.
  • 2:17 - Success stories - Taking a client from 15k/monthly spend to 600k monthly spend. Art discusses the three changes he made to grow the account.
  • 4:56 - Lessons learned - Not realizing client was using two Facebook ad pixels on their account.
  • 7:09 - Lessons learned 2 - Kim Kardashian used the wrong hashtag but it actually benefited Art's client.
  • 8:07 - Art discusses how paid advertising changed during the pandemic - The election drastically increased CPM costs.
  • 10:35 - Client jumps from 2X ROAs to 16X ROAs in April during the pandemic.
  • 14:07 - Budget allocation during BF/CM - 70% prospecting, 25% re-marketing, 5% retention.
  • 16:35 - Most significant change in past 5 years - User privacy.
  • 17:22 - Art discusses the future of advertising - More users buying online and more retail shops building an eCommerce store.
  • 18:38 - Most common mistake Art see's eCommerce brands make - Not leveraging creative to optimal levels.
  • 20:38 - Art discusses the impact of Facebook and Google removing cookie tracking.
  • 23:08 - Art recommends Facebook ad buyers groups to learn more about digital marketing.
  • 24:58 - How Salvo Media works with new clients.


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Written by Jason Boehle