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How Public Rec became an 8 Figure Apparel Brand w/ Zach Goldstei‪n‬

Feb 15, 2021 1:48:19 PM

Zach Goldstein, founder of Public Rec

What happens when you launch a successful Kickstarter and want to turn that campaign into a well known brand?

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Zach Goldstein, Founder and CEO of Public Rec, an athletic apparel company set out to make comfort that looks good, was asking himself the same question when thinking about making the jump from Kickstarter to Shopify and becoming a full time business owner.

On this episode of Ecommerce Growth, I spoke with Zach to learn more about his journey. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Public Rec's ADED Pant origin story on Kickstarter 
  • Launching a Shopify store and adding more apparel products
  • How Zach used agencies to help scale his business
  • What it’s like to be an apparel entrepreneur 
  • How email strategy played a key role early on for Public Rec
  • Public Rec's discounting policy and why it’s unique

Zach Goldstein of Public Rec discusses why we works with agencies.

Want to learn how we helped grow Public Rec from a kickstarter brand with one product to a 7-figure+ eCommerce apparel company?

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Episode Show Notes

  • 2:11 - The idea behind Public Rec - Zach was wearing a lot of baggy sweat pants in college.
  • 3:44 - The moment Zach knew Public Rec would become a hit - Raising 180k in 60 days on Kickstarter with the ADED Pant.
  • 4:44 - The transition from Kickstarter to Shopify.
  • 6:27 - Zach discuses growing to a 7-figure eCommerce apparel brand with 0 employees.
  • 8:14 - The importance of working with the right people inside agencies. 
  • 9:37 - Zach discusses why he doesn't do any discounts on the Public Rec website.
  • 12:24 - Zach discusses the importance of Email Marketing upon launching an eCommerce brand.
  • 13:54- Public Rec's most successful Email flows: Cart and Browse abandonment
  • 14:51 - Zach discusses leveraging direct mail and podcasts to build out his women's clothing line.
  • 16:36 - Public Rec's most successful recent product launches: The Workday Pant and the ADED Jogger.
  • 19:11 - Zach's obsession in responding to customer service emails.

Lightning Round

  • 20:47 - Public Rec's top 5 marketing tech stack.
  • 21:23 - Zach's favorite product right now - The Weekend Crew Sweatshirt.
  • 21:48 - Marketing channel Zach is most excited about - Testing TV Ads.
  • 23:06 - Zach's favorite book recommendation - Shoedog.


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Written by Jason Boehle