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How To Get Out of The Spam Folder

Aug 7, 2020 9:45:00 AM

You send out a lot of emails to promote your business. But something's wrong ... You’re starting to realize that not every email you send is going to the inbox. What do you do?

We already talked about 4 Tips To Reach The Gmail Inbox... But what else do you need to know if your messages are landing in the spam folder?


Today, I have some tips on how to get out of the spam folder.

Tip #1 Boost Your Open Rate and Click-Through Rate

The first thing I check when I’m having a spam issue is I look at the engagement history.

What does that mean? For one thing, it means opens and clicks. But there's one thing that's even more important (and this is actually the most important trick ...)

If you can track replies, check to see if your open rate is above 10 percent and if the click-through rate is above 1 percent.

If it’s anywhere below these metrics and you’re in the spam folder, do what you can to double those numbers. Try to get your open rate 20 percent and above and your click-through rate at 2-3 percent and above.

Target people who have opened or clicked in the last 30 days. Maybe people who made a purchase. Make sure your emails are mobile optimized. Test your subject lines.

These are all things you can do to increase open rates and click-through rates.

Tip #2 Get More Replies

Google, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail—they all look at replies as their number one engagement metric.

To put it another way: If you can get people to reply, getting your marketing emails to land in the inbox will be a lot easier.

That's why you should send interactive content in your emails! One of my favorite things to do is send quizzes. Quizzes generate a lot of engagement and people respond well to them. 

What else can you do to get more replies to your emails? Ask subscribers who might have any questions to reply to the email. Ask them to let you know what subjects you should cover in your newsletter.

Use a "reply-friendly" email (such as name@example.com), and be sure to remove any text from your emails that tells people you don’t read replies. Yes, you will have to monitor your inbox closely, but the result will be better deliverability.

Tip #3 Check Your IP Reputation

If you’re still getting in the spam folder, the next thing I recommend you check out is your IP history.

In the good old days before email marketing rules were enforced and everybody spammed, all these third-party blacklists came out. If your IP address is listed on SpamCop or Spamhaus or one of the other third-party listings that include "bad" IPs, you will have a problem.

How do you know if you are blacklisted? You can just do a Google search for aggregators who look at third-party listings and verify you’re not on one of these lists.

What to do if you ARE on one of these lists?

If you are, ask your email service provider to get on a different IP if possible. Or send a message to the anti-spam list and ask what steps you need to take to get yourself removed. Sometimes it’s not your fault, sometimes it is—they may work with you.

If those two still don’t work and you’re still in the spam folder, the last thing I do is download all my bounces. I look at all my soft bounces, I look at all my hard bounces.

Whether it be AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Google, Outlook—those are all ISPs where you may be blocked. Look at the and see if it’s just one of them or see if it’s across the board. Check your bounce history and that should fix the problem.

Otherwise you may need an expert to come in. Shameless plug: Some of the stuff we do is deliverability. If you need help promoting your eCommerce or brick-and-mortar business via world-class email outreach and conversational marketing, get in touch.

Written by Jason Boehle