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Compounding Your Business with Aaron Spivak

Mar 4, 2021 2:15:26 PM

Aaron Spivak, co-founder of Hush Blankets

If you think it’s too late to start in a different market than the one you’re in then don’t worry, you’re wrong.

It is absolutely possible to move markets and even entire industries as long as you know the moves to grow profits after the transition.

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Aaron Spivak, Co-Founder of HUSH BLANKETS, and Forbes 30 Under 30 member talks about how he created his business, transitioned it to different industries, and managed to increase profits at every stop.
In this episode, Aaron and I spoke on the how to make the make opportunities to create additional income, even if it means leaving your market behind for something more profitable.

What You'll Learn from Aaron Spivak of Hush Blankets: 

  • When a market is bled dry
  • How to know when you have a hit
  • Where to move on after being bought out
  • The main necessity to scale
  • His current secret weapon: Google Display--

Define what your brand is with Aaron Spivak

Episode Show Notes

  • 0:42 - Aaron tells the story of how HUSH Blankets was founded.
  • 2:58 - Aaron's journey from Party Bus owners to Health & Wellness to Hush.
  • 9:41 - Launching HUSH on Kickstarter and transitioning to Shopify.
  • 13:51 - Most important paid marketing channels - Facebook & Instagram are 30% of budget.
  • 14:49 - Other important channels - Google Display and Influencers.
  • 17:23 - Aaron discusses his process for creating short-form content and distributing across multiple channels.
  • 23:35 - Aaron discusses how the pandemic affected his businesses in Canada.
  • 26:04 - Aaron discusses why he gives to so many different charities.
  • 29:14 - Aaron talks about his post purchase strategy and how he keeps customers coming back for more products.

Lightning Round

  • 32:18 - Aaron mentions the blanket he currently is using in Tulum.
  • 32:30 - The number of hours Aaron sleeps in a day - "Tries to get at least 8, but it's hard".
  • 33:08 - HUSH blankets top 10 marketing tech stack.
  • 34:10 - Aaron describes his typical workday.
  • 35:29 - The most important initiative for Aaron in 2020 - Collaboration with the MS Society.
  • 36:10 - Aaron's Top 3 Marketing Tips for 2020


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Written by Jason Boehle