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Growing Your Amazon and Marketplace Business With Jamin Arvig

Feb 24, 2021 3:15:08 PM

Jamin Arvig founder of AiCommerce

If you think you’re Ecommerce brand is safe with Amazon and Walmart around then you’re about to be very surprised.

The major online retailers have built themselves into becoming necessities and if you don’t hop on board the train then you-and your business-are about to be left behind. 

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Jamin Arvig, Co-Founder of aiCommerce, mastermind of companies working to sell products on the most lucrative platforms, talks about what must come next.

In this episode, Jamin and I spoke on the topics of what E-commerce professionals need to do to continue to thrive in this current emerging market.

What You'll Learn from Jamin Arvig: 

  • Which companies should get on Amazon
  • How they control the market
  • Where else you should go to get the most exposure
  • The end of “Mom and Pop” Shops
  • The necessity and value of going with the big players instead of fighting them

Jamin Arvig on customer acquisition strategies

Episode Show Notes

  • 0:45 - Jamin discusses his business journey - eCommerce founder for 20+ years.
  • 4:31 - Jamin mentions how the pandemic affected his healthy living businesses. Most products deemed essential.
  • 8:50 - Why MOST brands should consider moving their products to Amazon.
  • 14:01 - Jamin discusses the fears of most business owners on transitioning to Amazon.
  • 16:28 - The different Amazon channels - Seller Central and Live are of particular interest.
  • 19:17 - Jamin discusses his process for launching new brands.
  • 20:35 - Jamin gives advice for business owners wanting to start an eCommerce brand.
  • 23:06 - The most common mistake Jamin see's other eCommerce owners make - Falling in love with an idea.
  • 23:55 - Jamin's work with Thrasio.
  • 26:10 - Jamin discusses the future of "Mom and Pop" shops.

Lightning Round

  • 28:02 - Jamin discusses the water filter he has at his home - A Reverse Osmosis System.
  • 28:24 - Jamin's top books on Leadership - Traction and Scaling Up.
  • 28:58 - The top challenge for having 100+ employees - Culture.
  • 29:31 - Jamin describes his typical workday.
  • 30:27 - Jamin's core values: Service and servant leadership.
  • 32:14 - Jamin's top 3 marketing tips - Amazon Marketplaces, know your data, and culture.
  • 33:22 - The most significant industry change in the past 5 years - The supply chain.


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Written by Jason Boehle