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How to Approach Marketing in the Early Stages: Tuft & Paw

Jan 12, 2021 6:04:24 PM

Jackson Cunningham, founder of Tuft & Paw

What should eCommerce businesses focus on in the early stages?

Content marketing, social media, and building an email list are critical to your startup’s success, but they won’t yield any results unless you’ve built a solid product and brand first.

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You need to make sure you have something worth talking about.

I sat down today with Jackson Cunningham, Founder of Tuft & Paw, a modern cat furniture company that’s been referred to as “the West Elm of cat furniture,” to discuss building an audience, implementing strategies that benefit your business in the long run, and growing your brand with email and affiliate marketing.

What You'll Learn:

  • What led him to start Tuft & Paw.
  • How he vets partnerships and affiliates.
  • Email marketing strategies that get results.
  • One mistake eCommerce business owners make.
  • Marketing tips for 2021.

How to approach marketing with Jackson Cunningham

Episode Show Notes

  • :37 - Jackson has been in eCommerce since 2011. He rescued his cat Peppers and started Tuft & Paw when he realized cat furniture looked tacky in his Vancouver apartment.
  • 3:40 - How to validate your ideas: Spending on Facebook ads to see the traffic results.
  • 7:09 - Jackson discusses his process on new product launches.
  • 8:39 - The power of building partnerships with other similar brands to drive traffic and growth.
  • 10:57 - How to find the right partners for your brand: Find a product worth talking about.
  • 14:51 - Jackson still does most of the AB testing for Tuft & Paw.
  • 15:37 - Jackson describes his day to day - Mostly putting out fires and working until 10PM.
  • 17:39 - Jackson describes the impact of COVID to his brand.
  • 19:02- How tweaks to the signup popup helped Tuft & Paw generate 3X more emails.
  • 21:06 - Jackson discusses the sales cycle of the furniture he sells.
  • 21:43 - Ecommerce in 2021 - Jackson's sees Shopify leveling the playing field with Amazon.
  • 24:07 - The tech stack Tuft and Paw uses for growth.
  • 24:26 - What do most eCommerce owners do wrong? "They don't delegate enough".


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Written by Jason Boehle