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An Honest Review of the Hubspot Email Automation Platform

Sep 2, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Since launching in 2005, Hubspot has made a number of updates to keep up with the Marketing Automation industry.

Spoiler Alert – QuaGrowth uses the platform internally!

However, my review won’t be all roses and ponies. Hubspot does have some downsides depending on the usecase. I’m sure some of the sales reps at Hubspot will chase me down at Inbound2019 and beg to differ! Again, this is my personal opinion.

Let’s start with one of Hubspot’s best features – PRICING!

Marketing Automation platforms are not cheap. Most require a long-term commitment and can run you upwards of 30k a year. The Hubspot Starter pack allows startups to get a basic marketing automation setup for about $50 a month.

Once your team gains some experience using the platform and your company grows is where they get ya! The next tier requires a significant investment and runs upwards of $800/month. However, many companies at this point are ready to go all in on Hubspot’s suite of Marketing Automation tools.

Hubspot integrates with just about everything.

Hubspot chart of Mar-tech Integrations

Integrating with existing Martech is a must whenever we work with our clients. If we can’t have clean technology communication, we can’t put our best foot forward to execute our services.

Hubspot’s vibrant ecosystem ensures your widely accepted marketing technology will get the love it deserves. Trust me, spending painful man hours working on integrations that exist elsewhere is not a great use of your time. Go with the platform that is widely adopted across multiple technologies.

Is Hubspot a good fit for my company?

Great question!

If you’re an eCommerce brand, the short answer is no. Unfortunately, there are better tools out there. (We did manage a few Hubspot accounts for eCommerce to know that there are better options).

Everclear - Everything to Everyone

There are literally thousands of email marketing platforms out there. To quote Everclear, you can’t “Try to be Everything to Everyone!”. In other words, there isn’t a one size fits all Email Automation platform we recommend. Every business is different.

Hubspot was built for small b2b and lead generation businesses with room to scale growth. They were one of the first platforms to provide an all in one solution of Email Automation + CRM functionality.

Scrappy sales and marketing teams can utilize Hubspot for email, CRM, sales management, social media, blogging, SEO, landing pages, and more.

However, for enterprise companies, Hubspot may or may not be a good fit for your company. Whenever we audit accounts, one of the most overlooked and biggest determinants of success is internal team experience. If your team is comprised of Marketo experts and executives suddenly decide to switch to Hubspot, that could cause more headaches than it’s worth!

In addition, if your entire company is run off of the Salesforce or Dynamics CRM, transitioning to Hubspot CRM can slow down lead velocity as there will be a number of nuisances to learn. In a world where we tend to chase the shiny objects with all the bells and whistles, sometimes it’s better to roll with the “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

Final Thoughts on the Hubspot Email Automation Platform.

Overall, QuaGrowth is big fans of Hubspot. It’s allowed us to scale our company as we’ve grown the past 9 months. However, what works for us might not be the best fit for you and your business.

If you’re interested in learning if you have the ideal Martech setup for 2019 and beyond, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Written by Jason Boehle