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Growing 3 Ecommerce Brands from $0 to 7 figures+ w/ Joel Reichert

Apr 5, 2021 11:10:05 AM

Joel Reichert Serial Ecommerce Brand Owner

Launching a brand is hard!

Launching and managing 3 successful eCommerce stores while working only 20 hours a week may seem impossible, but Joel pulls it off.

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Joel Reichert, founder of three 7 figure+ E-commerce companies (Copper Pearl, Maven Thread, and Woven Nook), shares the intricacies of growing his social media account followings to 100K+ followers and how he leverages influencers, Amazon, and Shopify to grow his eCommerce brands.

In this episode, Joel and I talked deeply on his process for researching new products to launch. Additionally, before launching any new Shopify store, Joel details his strategies for verifying product proof of concept on Amazon.

What You'll Learn from Joel Reichert 3X Ecommerce Founder: 

  • Avoiding the land mines of influencer marketing
  • Joel's #1 growth channel - Email Marketing
  • Where to focus your marketing in 2021
  • How to balance multiple million dollar brands while spending quality family time
  • How to quickly grow brand Instagram accounts to 100k+ followers

Joel Reichert on building a following on social media

Episode Show Notes

  • 6:34 - Joel mentions his process for researching brands and launching on Amazon before transitioning to Shopify.
  • 10:16 - Email Marketing with Klaviyo is 20 - 30% of sales on website.
  • 12:13 - Joel's process for growing his organic Instagram accounts to upwards of 500k followers.
  • 13:52 - How the team vets influencers to make sure they are the real deal.
  • 17:02 - Joel's spreadsheet he uses to track and work with genuine influencers.
  • 17:38 - Discussion on Klaviyo funnels for Copper Pearl, Maven Thread, and Woven Nook.
  • 22:38 - Joel discusses weekly product launches and sending both an SMS and Email to subscribers.
  • 24:56 - Joel mentions his top revenue channels . #1 is Email driving 20 - 30% of store revenue, then Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • Lightning Round
  • 26:52 - Invest in a quality photographer and post on a regular basis on social media.
  • 27:42 - Joel describers his typical workday
  • 28:53 - Joel's favorite place to hike
  • 29:38 - Top 5 marketing tech stack Joel uses.


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Written by Jason Boehle