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$0 in Advertising - How Ryan Maltbie Organically Grows BBQGrills.com

Feb 16, 2021 11:09:41 AM

Ryan Maltbie founder of BBQGrills

Not too long ago, many thought that eCommerce was just a fad. 

But nowadays, eCommerce has clearly created significant opportunities for brands across different industries.

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Ryan Maltbie, Founder at BBQGrills[dot]com, an online retailer of high-quality Outdoor Kitchen Equipment, BBQ Grills, Heaters and Outdoor Patio products, has been ahead of the game for 12+ years, having launched his first eCommerce company when he was 18.

In this episode, I sat down with Ryan to discuss his strategies for growing his current business from $0 to $2 million in one year.

What You'll Learn from Ryan Maltbie of BBQGrills.com:

  • Why Ryan decided to spend $0 on PPC and what he’s investing money in instead.
  • Why he relies on organic traffic instead of paid social.  
  • Which channels are most important to his brand.  
  • How COVID-19 affected his industry and how he adapted. 
  • How eCommerce has changed in the last five years, and eCommerce goals for 2021.

Email Marketing is a top growth channel for BBQGrills.com

Episode Show Notes

  • 1:10 - Ryan discusses his background - CEO of BBQgrills.com, 15 years in eCommerce industry, and father of four.
  • 2:26 - BBQgrills.com launched in January of 2020.
  • 4:20 - Ryan started his first business at 17, running an eCommerce business with his dad. 
  • 6:05 - Ryan discuses the purchase of the domain name BBQgrills.com and the idea behind his business.
  • 7:36 - Ryan's methodology of spending $0 on paid acquisition. 
  • 10:13 - Ryan discusses his most important marketing channels - SEO and Email Marketing.
  • 13:52 - Ryan discusses how the pandemic affected his business.
  • 16:37- The average workday - During Q2 and Q3, Ryan was putting in 17 - 18 hour days.
  • 19:01 - Ryan discusses his two favorite books that had the biggest impact on him: Rest, Refocus, Recharge and Detox Your Thoughts.
  • 20:32 - Ryan discusses his local warehouse and distributer network.
  • 22:04 - Goals for 2021 - Launch gas grill products and grow business to 5MM+.

Lightning Round

  • 24:58 - Ryan's favorite meat to grill - a thick New York steak.
  • 25:15 - Ryan's favorite product on BBQGrills.com - The Primo Oval XL Ceramic Charcoal Grill.
  • 26:13 - Most significant marketing change in last 5 - 10 years - Companies realizing the power of social media.
  • 27:56 - The future of BBQGrills.com.
  • 29:11 - The advice Ryan would give to entrepreneurs to be profitable in 1st year - "Love what you do and do it with a passion".


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Written by Jason Boehle