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Dr. Squatch’s Viral Marketing Strategies with Drew Cowan

Jan 27, 2021 3:50:30 PM

Drew Cowan of Dr. Squatch

How do you make soap an irresistible product? You might start by creating hilariously viral YouTube videos that captures the masculine scents of soap.

For Dr. Squatch, it’s all in the schtick…and the strategy behind it. From Superbowl ads to online ads we break down the marketing machine of Dr. Squatch.

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Today, I sat down with Drew Cowan, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Dr. Squatch, an eCommerce brand that sells high-quality organic and natural handmade soap for men, to talk about how Dr. Squatch grew an audience through thoughtful branding and by building a successful omni-channel marketing strategy.

What You'll Learn from Drew Cowan of Dr. Squatch:

  • Dr. Squatch’s subscription model and why it works.

  • Email funnels Dr. Squatch uses for more sales.

  • How Dr. Squatch’s YouTube presence has helped them capture leads.

  • Core funnels all brands should have and conversion rates to aim for in each funnel.

  • Tips for insightful experimentation and successful A/B testing examples.

  • How Dr. Squatch uses SMS in conjunction with email marketing.

Drew Cowan of Dr. Squatch discusses conversion rates

Episode Show Notes

  • 0:50 - Drew discusses her role at Dr. Squatch - Email, SMS, and loyalty programs.
  • 1:47 - The lessons learned transitioning from a large eCommerce agency to a larger eCommerce brand.
  • 3:01 - Drew discusses the qualities she looks for when hiring Email Marketers. Curiosity, analytics, and being able to see what you're doing past your own channel are here top three qualities.
  • 4:48 - Drew discusses the unique challenges marketing for an 8-figure eCommerce brand.
  • 7:48 - Leveraging YouTube videos to grow Dr. Squatch.
  • 9:48 - Dr. Squatch's most profitable lead funnels - Quiz and Welcome Popups converting around 14%.
  • 12:40 - Drew discusses the core funnels ALL eCommerce brands should setup - Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase.
  • 14:51- The frequency in which users on subscription tend to buy soap.
  • 16:22 - Drew discusses the importance of AB testing email send times.
  • 18:28 - How Dr. Squatch utilizes SMS Marketing.
  • 25:11 - The future of SMS - More advanced segmentation.

Lightning Round

  • 26:45 - Drew's top 5 marketing tech stack.
  • 27:19 - The future of Email Marketing - More Advanced Personalization and AI.
  • 27:44 - Biggest change in last 5 years - The shift to eCommerce.
  • 28:23 - Future Marketing channels with most growth potential - TikTok, Snap, and advertising in streaming services.


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Written by Jason Boehle