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Six Helpful Klaviyo Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

Jul 12, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Klaviyo Email Marketing Automation

Klaviyo is an advanced email marketing platform that allows ecommerce and customer-centric businesses to create experiences that drive revenue, scale brands, and build online. If you are looking to build your business to the next level by growing your email contact list and creating valuable relationships, Klaviyo is an excellent tool for you and your team. You know the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”!

The Klaviyo software platform makes that come true with precise automation and predictive tools delivering customer experiences that your target market actually wants across any channel. Klaviyo email marketing builds relationships like you may create in-person by helping you listen to your customers, create defined processes to make your job easier, and directly understand what your business needs to grow.

QuaGrowth has plenty of experience using the Klaviyo ecommerce email marketing services that are necessary for your ecommerce brand in 2021. In this QuaGrowth blog post, we will highlight everything you need to know about the Klaviyo email marketing platform and six helpful tips to advance your Klaviyo game.  

How can Klaviyo help your ecommerce business?


As stated before, the Klaviyo email marketing platform helps companies of all sizes, in over 80 countries, refine email marketing efforts and gather customer data to optimize marketing campaigns. Klaviyo integrates with a variety of customer data sources and has the technology and tools to house the data at scale. Rather than paying for a multitude of technologies to stitch together, Klaviyo has everything you need in one place. It’s no secret that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to scale your ecommerce business and connect with customers. 

What are the six helpful Klaviyo marketing tips you can use for your ecommerce business? 


Content Matters

Not only is Klaviyo software amazing for ecommerce brands, but the Klaviyo blog also has a tremendous amount of research to assist with growing your business. We took a look at key Klaviyo email marketing research gathered from 2020-2021 which directly leads us to our first Klaviyo email marketing tip. One of the most important factors of effective email marketing automation for ecommerce is sending out high-performing content. In terms of email marketing content, the most popular content shared by ecommerce brands happens to be sales and promotions. For example, big ecommerce businesses leveraged recent holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day to build their promotional email campaigns to generate revenue. The best part? It is actually working. For brands seeing the biggest spike in sales, they are using promotional and sales-oriented email marketing efforts to cash in with customers. The second top email marketing content type that caused brands to have a sales spike is pre-orders and back-in-stock emails. Yes, customers are actually ordering and paying for products that ecommerce brands have not even released yet. For customers that have expressed interest in a product that was sold out at the time, ecommerce brands are letting these same customers know when the product is available again so they can come back to their website and make the purchase. With Klaviyo email marketing, your ecommerce brand can send dynamic email campaigns like these to generate high-performing emails. As simple as it sounds, email content reigns supreme. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Klaviyo, one of the best email marketing platforms for Bigcommerce, let seven-figure ecommerce brands give what customers wanted most: human connection. 

Generate Responsive Emails

The second Klaviyo email marketing tip for driving success is designing responsive emails. Yes, this is totally possible with the Klaviyo email marketing suite! Klaviyo offers plenty of response email templates that look fantastic on any device. This can be done without any HTML knowledge. Klaviyo email marketing templates save time and quickly build user-friendly emails perfect for an ecommerce brand’s audience. Within this Klaviyo email marketing tip, there are a variety of factors when choosing to use one of their templates. First, be sure to be consistent with your email templates. Within the Klaviyo email marketing software, you can save a master template directly in the Klaviyo template section. This ensures the format of your email campaigns flow and owns your brand’s overall theme maximizing brand awareness. With a Klaviyo master template, you can use and reuse as needed using the same standard including color scheme, fonts, etc. What goes into a Klaviyo master template? Well, there are many pieces you can easily add. Add your brand’s logo, key testimonials, assets, and more and save each as a “block” within the Klaviyo email template builder. Name each block and reuse it whenever you need it so you don’t have to rebuild each time. As blocks are named and added, you can use the Klaviyo drag and drop feature. With the Klaviyo email template builder, you can standardize headlines, paragraph text, call-to-action-buttons, and more. Ultimately, creating a master email template within Klaviyo will lead to consistent and uniform email campaigns.

Use the Email Segmentation Features

The third Klaviyo email marketing tip is to utilize the email segmentation tools offered with the software. Your customers have different buying habits, different interests, different needs, and belong to different groups in the world. With Klaviyo email marketing, you can easily pull customer data stored within the platform like age, gender, location, buying behaviors, and more. Get creative with your segmentation techniques and email messaging. With Klaviyo email marketing, you can implement cross sell segments groups, brand-specific segments, engagement tiers, churn risk segments, average order value (AOV) segments, holiday shoppers segments, and more. With the cross-sell segment within Klaviyo, you can send emails to subscribers who have previously purchased a product that may be interested in one or more related products. If a customer comes to your ecommerce website for a specific item or brand each time, you can segment this group with Klaviyo. In fact, the Klaviyo email marketing software possesses a gender prediction algorithm that uses the customer’s first name and other key data to predict their gender leading to more targeted communication. With the engagement tiers segment, Klaviyo allows you to create email marketing campaigns that go further than an engaged audience and an unengaged audience. Klaviyo email marketing software is extremely accurate regarding customer engagement levels with your brand. This means, you can look at purchase frequency, the timeline of when a customer made their last purchase, and beyond. Customer churn is something every ecommerce brand must consider. Churn risk determines how likely a customer is to abandon a brand altogether. When you pay attention to this and segment accordingly, the churn risk can decrease. There are warning signs for businesses to look at that when seeing how to retain a customer.  

Flows are the Way to Go

The fourth Klaviyo email marketing tip is to set up flows. What is a flow? Klaviyo defines a flow to be an automated sequence that is set in motion by a specific trigger and then includes one or more steps. To dive deeper, a flow nurtures the relationship between ecommerce brand and customer. With Klaviyo email marketing flows, you can trigger responses and various messages based on customer behavior. If a customer chooses to make a purchase or abandons their cart on your website, a flow will send a message directly to the customer without missing a beat. Let’s say a customer joins your mailing list, set up a flow to welcome the user to your community. Show appreciation for your customer by sending a thank you message after they make a purchase. There are a variety of flows you can set up to trigger when you’d like to notify a customer directly via email. How do flows work? Each flow you create requires a trigger. According to Klaviyo, there are four types of flows you can make within their platform. The four types of flows include list-triggered, segment-triggered, metric-triggered, and data property-triggered. To learn more about the types of flows, visit this Klaviyo link. The Klaviyo email marketing software integrates directly with ecommerce websites to generate and manage flows and triggers.  

Klaviyo Email Marketing and Personalization

The fifth Klaviyo email marketing tip is personalization. There are a variety of personalization techniques within the Klaviyo email marketing platform that brands can use to be significantly more successful. Between including a subscriber’s name in the subject line to serving top-notch product recommendations, there are simplistic ways within Klaviyo to increase open rates, decrease unsubscribes, and generate more revenue. When it comes to product recommendations, you can really spice it up for the user. You can take a look at the behavioral data of a customer based on their purchase history. Have you ever made a purchase online and suddenly are served four more items that you would totally purchase? With product recommendations based on customer behavior, you can serve emails populated with items that make sense for the subscriber. Another simple way to build personalization within email campaigns on Klaviyo is to ask subscribers what they want to see. Subscribers can input their preferences so your brand is not serving emails to customers that they do not care about. This key data can also directly assist with building out email segments, as discussed previously.  

Develop Your Community

The sixth Klaviyo email marketing tip that will take your email campaigns from good to amazing is creating community. Wherever your subscriber is in your sales funnel, be sure to foster a healthy and happy relationship with each existing and potential customer. There are a variety of ways to build a community with your subscribers. It’s true, customers get easily annoyed by too many emails from a brand. To start that healthy relationship with the subscriber, use the Klaviyo email marketing feature to allow customers to choose how frequently they are contacted by your brand. If they want to receive each email you send, great! If they don’t want to get as many emails from you, let them have a say or they will easily hit that unsubscribe button. Yes, community means giving the audience what they want. We have discussed content, segmentation, personalization, and more in this QuaGrowth blog post. Use each Klaviyo email marketing tool to make your content better so your community builds and flourishes. Similar to in-person relationships, keeping the conversation relevant and meeting the other person’s needs will keep them wanting to stick around. If you meet someone for the first time and are still mentioning things you’ve talked about previously by the fifth meetup, they are going to get tired of the conversation and bored. The same thing goes for email marketing campaigns. As much as the Klaviyo email marketing platform can flaunt your latest promotions and product launches, it is also your resource for building community and culture with your audience. It may sound cheesy, but showing your audience some love and appreciation will have a massive ROI for your brand.  


The Klaviyo email marketing platform has become the go-to place where ecommerce businesses grow. It is counted among the top email marketing automation software for ecommerce brands who want to sell online and has driven billions of dollars in revenue for brands all over the world. QuaGrowth is extraordinarily in-tune with Klaviyo email marketing software and the amazing tools included with it. Among the Klaviyo features, some of our favorites include the segmentation tools, the data science aspects, and the reporting capabilities that are all within one single platform. With these Klaviyo email marketing tips, your ecommerce business can listen to your customers, analyze the data collected, and deliver relevant, dynamic email campaigns with messages your audience actually cares about. For more Klaviyo email marketing tips, contact the QuaGrowth team directly and learn how you can maximize the return on your email marketing efforts.

Written by Jason Boehle