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What is Conversational Marketing

Aug 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Let’s have a conversation!

Most of us have heard about Conversational Marketing in the past two years.

  • What is Conversational Marketing?
  • How can it Benefit my Company?

These are legitimate questions that prospects ask us. I’ll answer as best as I can!

Conversational Marketing is the art of engaging prospects through real-time conversations. When I say art, it truly is something that takes time and skill to master.

Think about the times YOU had a one-one conversation with a brand new prospect. You might of cold called, met them at a networking event, or were introduced through a warm connection.

The practice of introducing your company’s value-adds, pain points for the lead, and building rapport takes skill and practice.

Not easy, is it!?

How is Conversational Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing?


Conversational Marketing is about building relationships and quickly moving prospects throughout the sales funnel. The benefit is instead of prospects filling out forms, which might take days to get a response, you’re able to engage with potential customers providing real-time, immediate feedback!

I’m going to throw some statistics at you.


According to Drift (a platform we use internally),

  • 84% of people surveyed prefer conversations over forms
  • 90% companies fail to respond to leads in 5 minutes
  • 81% of tech buyers DON'T fill out forms


Why aren’t more companies taking advantage of Conversational Marketing in 2019?

I think there is a general fear and misunderstanding of chatbots. Chatbots in 2019 serve a number of purposes including:

  • Assisting in customer service
  • Answering FAQs
  • Qualifying leads

The idea is to have AI answer the most common questions at scale while a human sits behind the scenes waiting for the bot to qualify or answer specific sales intent questions.

Conversational Marketing Examples


Spoiler ALERT! - Don't click on the video if you have NOT seen The Wizard of OZ and still want to.

Remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy (prospect), The Lion, Tin Man, and The Scarecrow meet OZ? OZ (bot) starts the conversation by asking a question.

  • Bot: I am the great OZ, who are you?
  • Prospect: I am Dorothy
  • Bot: I know who you are. Step forward!

One by one OZ outlines each characters’ pain points.

  • Bot: You dare come to me for a heart Tin Man!
  • Bot: And you scarecrow, want to ask me for a brain.
  • Bot. And you lion…(courage)

OZ then tells the group to come back tomorrow (forms), however Dorothy wants to have a one on one conversation NOW! (conversational marketing).

Once OZ (bot) reveals himself, or Todo pulls the curtain back, the real OZ (human) is able to directly help the group’s needs.

While this scenario may seem like a stretch to some, the concept remains the same. Conversational Marketing allows a bot to qualify potential leads and provide real-time feedback to commonly asked questions. Once qualified, a sales or customer service rep can have a real-time conversation with the prospect.

How Conversational Marketing can Benefit YOUR Company


Today, customers have all the power. Endless supplies of products and services are just a few clicks away. If you want to watch The Wizard of Oz, stream it on Netflix. If you want to buy a new camera, check Amazon. If you want to a ride to the airport, call an Uber.

Customers want and expect real-time feedback to questions.

The three biggest benefits of Conversational Marketing for businesses (in my opinion) include:

  • Qualify Leads at Velocity
  • 24/7 Lead Generation
  • Humanize the Buying Process

I mentioned earlier about Conversational Marketing’s ability to get real-time responses. Including a chat bot can help save your company time and resources by throwing away the unqualified leads and homing in on your best prospects.

Did an executive from Microsoft visit your website while you were sleeping at 3 AM in the morning? No problem! Conversational Marketing can still book a meeting with this highly qualified prospect for you first thing when you wake up. I love waking up to surprises!

Lastly Conversational Marketing humanizes the buying process. You can give your bot personality while qualified leads can talk to a human with one click. Qua, our Conversational Gorilla Bot is a good example of this!

Conversational Marketing in closing

The future is now.

If your company is looking for the edge it needs this year to qualify and close leads at scale then this blistering hot new channel is for YOU! Your BDR’s will love you for helping optimize their time by passing only the MOST qualified leads to SDRs.

Honestly, can you afford NOT to have conversations with your customers?

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Written by Jason Boehle